Health benefits of cucumber

Lots of benefit of cucumber

Cucumber is an incredible fruit. It develops from the flower of the cucumber plant and contains the seeds. It is very beneficial for health. Cucumber is a good source of water. It contains 96% of water. Cucumber is low in calories. Cucumber has prevented from many diseases. It has so many nutrients like b1,b6, potassium. Cucumber improves our immune system. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have an good effect on the body.

precaution from cancer

Cucumber reduces the risk of cancer. Cucumbers contain a high level of nutrients knows as cucurbitacins, which may help prevent cancer by stopping cancer cells in our body.

Benefits for skin

Drinking cucumber juice gives you healthy skin from within. It is high in vitamins, minerals and improves skin tone. Its help for reduces dark circle.

Beneficial for hair

Cucumber is beneficial for hair. Its contains ascorbic acid (vitamin c) and caffeic acid , fiber ,along with minerals like silica, potassium and magnesium. Silica is renowned to be good for the hair. Eating cucumber is very helpful for the growth of hair.

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