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In the past, we’ve expounded on the evident advantages of squats and deadlifts, yet I’m here with a squeezing new issue. I’m putting everything on the seat and presenting a defense for the ruler of the chest area lifts: The seated press.


others, this lift was THE LIFT to perform when we started our lifting ventures. For hell’s sake, despite everything it is for a great deal of us, it’s simply taken an alternate structure in our preparation. For powerlifters a solid seat is basic for rivalry; for strongman and weightlifting, a solid seat can bolster by and large squeezing quality.


Whatever your quality game or objectives might be, doubtlessly a solid seat implies a solid chest area. Albeit other than solid pecs, by what other method does the seat press advantage you?

1. Expanded Chest area Push Quality

This point is somewhat of an easy decision, yet the seat press improves the measure of weight we can push/press. The more weight you can seat press (with great structure) the more weight you can in all likelihood bear press.


A decent standard guideline when following your press quality is to utilize the basis from Lon Kilgore and Imprint Rippetoe’s book “Down to earth Programming for Quality Preparing.” They talk about keeping your shoulder press somewhere close to 59-67 percent of your seat press. These rates contrast contingent upon one’s preparation age.

2. The indicator of Chest area Quality

A solid seat press can help anticipate chest area quality for an assortment of developments. One study from 2013 utilized a competitor’s 1-RM seat to associate other chest area lift numbers. While it’s not generally a secure technique for foreseeing chest area quality (and many contend against it because of versatility, anthropometric, and different issues), this is the reason the seat is regularly used to test a competitor’s chest area quality. Think NFL join 225 lb press and 1-RM seat tests.

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3. Greater Pec Major

The seated press constructs the pec major. This is the muscle most associate getting bigger and taking a shot at when benching. It’s the style muscle of the chest and what gives pecs their bigger, solid appearance. It’s one of the prime movers in flat protraction.

4. More grounded Pec Minor

The pec minor doesn’t get enough credit for the seat press. This muscle lies profound under the pec major and is prepared by implication through even squeezing developments. The pec minor plays a key role in scapular descending turn.

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